We love data driven eCommerce

We enable you to profitably build and scale your eCommerce business based on data

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We change the way eCommerce is lived and empower you to take your business to the next level. We help you in achieving short-term success and provide you with the necessary knowledge and skills to sustain this success independently in the long term.


We increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your eCommerce business. We achieve this by looking at your eCommerce business as if it was our own. Through our network we can support you in any aspect of your eCommerce business. Our mission is defined by:

100% focus on data driven, customer centric decisions
Providing you with control over your own eCommerce business through full transparency in every process - for both your online store and any marketplace (e.g. amazon)
A partnership that thrives on fairness and honesty

Value Proposition

Sales Push
eCommerce strategy incl. implementation as the foundation for sustainably scaling sales, based on data about customer needs and profitability
Tech & Tools
Expertise in Digital & Tech to generate relevant data sets regarding the search and purchase behaviour of customers and process automation via self-developed tools
Digital Business Models
Experience in building successful digital business models and optimizing existing businesses - from digital strategy and organizational structure to operational processes, methods and tools
Broad Expertise
Bundling of broad expertise within the deepchange network regarding eCommerce - Retailer, SaaS Data Software, Consulting & Digital Product Development
Organizational Development
Support in organisational development and identification of optimisation potentials in internal productivity and structure
Business Relevance
We have many years of practical experience from various industries as well as organizational sizes and structures. We utilise this experience for our projects. Our solutions can be integrated pragmatically and effectively into your everyday business


Our team consists of experts in the fields of eCommerce, retail, digital and tech. We have many years of experience in well-known consultancies, corporations, medium-sized companies as well as in start-ups as consultants, team leads, managing directors and freelancers and bring the necessary knowledge specifically for your project. We can look back on numerous projects in the last 10 years and look forward to an exciting exchange with you.


deepchange Network

Within the deepchange network there are currently three companies operating in the field of eCommerce with different focuses. The first company is a retailer that primarily sells products of all kinds on amazon in cooperation with partners. The second is a software company that develops tools for the analysis of eCommerce data and makes them available as SaaS products. And thirdly, there is the consulting service you are now familiar with. Accordingly, we can bring a broad expertise from our own business activities to our projects. Within the network there are also other experts whose expertise ranges from sales, tech and legal to technical product innovations.